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Travelling with a 3-year-old

I decided to bring Caden to Hong Kong in February this year, 3 months after Charles’ birth. I didn’t know what to expect because Mark and I were going without bringing our helper. I spent a great deal of time packing for Caden. I brought all the medication which I thought he might need in case he gets sick. I packed many of his clothes and jackets as well because the weather was chilly in Hong Kong in February. After 2 full days of packing for Caden, I felt that I was ready for the adventure with Mark and Caden. Mark decided that there was no need to bring the stroller as it was difficult to travel around Hong Kong with a stroller. The day came and we boarded the SQ flight and reached Hong Kong. I thought I am all ready. BUT, bringing a toddler on a trip is no joke and it is A LOT OF WORK. Fortunately, Mark was a great help. Caden couldn’t walk for very long and was tired out easily. Mark and I had to watch him intensely as we didn’t want to lose him in a crowd. We decided to take turns shopping. One adult would watch Caden and the other would shop for his/her stuff. Woah, without a pram, Caden was very prone to running. I had to catch hold of him every time he tried to walk or run away. There was no ME and it was all CADEN. I didn’t enjoy my shopping at all because I had to look after CADEN. When the night falls, we need to get back to hotel on time so that we can bathe Caden and put him to sleep at 10pm. By the 3rd day, Mark and I were exhausted. We couldn’t wait to return to Singapore. Finally we boarded the plane and we were back to Singapore in 4 hours. When I saw my helper, I wanted to hug her so tightly. Although we went to all the sights in Hong Kong like Lantau Island, Disneyland, Wong Tai Sin, all the sights in my eyes were CADEN. So if anyone of you wants to bring a toddler without your helper, think twice because the trip is all about your toddler and its EXHAUSTING.


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