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For a stressed out entrepreneur and a mom to 2 young boys, it is always a blessing when someone provides you with a full body spa treatment and I got that on the 14 September 2012. I booked for full spa treatment which included a Body Massage, a Body Scrub and a Soothing Facial treatment.

The spa treatment came at an opportune time as I was really stressed out from work and kids. The Spa Artisan is conveniently located on the Mezzanine Floor of The Fullerton Hotel beside the hotel gym and is managed by the Aramsa Lifestyle Group, who also manages Aramsa- The Garden Spa at Bishan Park.  The service staff at the counter was polite and fast to respond. I let them know that I made a reservation and they led me into the waiting lounge where I was treated to a special blend of floral tea. I was also asked to fill up a health form which I gladly did and told to wait for my therapist.

My therapist fetched me from the waiting area  and told me that I was going for The Hamman Spa Journey from The Red Flower Menu. She allowed me to choose from 3 blends of flower skin massage oil and I chose the Moroccan Rose because it smelt the nicest to me. By the way, the therapist will let you smell the flower skin oils when you choose your spa treatment from The Red Flower Menu and the flower skin oils which included Moroccan Rose Oil, Italian Blood Orange Oil and Ocean Oil, are just heavenly. The Hamman Spa Journey is highly recommended and it comes with a foot bath ritual, a body scrub using moroccan mint tea silt purifier and lemon coffee blossom olive stone scrub, a full body massage with your choice of flower skin oils and also a relaxing sculpt massage. Before we started the treatment, I told my therapist that I was also in dire need of a facial because I love the Skinceuticals skincare range which Aramsa carried. My therapist said she would check and came back to tell me that the facial would be in the package. She said that as my skin was sensitive so she would do a soothing facial treatment. I was so happy and nearly clapped my hands like an excited little girl.

My therapist led me to the massage room which was enclosed and came with an attached toilet. Everything was ultra hygienic and well-cleansed. I immediately changed into the bathrobe and jumped onto the massage bed. My therapist reminded me that I had a foot soak ritual and that she would not be able to do it later after my body scrub had started. I wanted my foot soak and foot scrub desperately so I quickly dressed up again and put my feet into the basin with flowers she had prepared. After which, she added sea salt into the water and started to cleanse and scrub my feet.

After the foot soak ritual, I hopped onto the massage bed and the therapist embarked on the body scrub. She started to purify my body by cleansing and exfoliating my skin with moroccan mint tea silt purifier and lemon coffee blossom olive stone scrub. My therapist was professional and when the full body scrub was done, she told me to take a shower in the attached toilet and was very attentive. She stood outside the shower room to wait for me. When she knew that my body shower cream was running out, she immediately asked me if I need another bottle. She passed me my towel after the shower and led me back to the massage table.

The body massage was the part that I was waiting for because my tired body was in need of some pampering. The therapist was careful and kept asking me if the strength of her massage was alright. After we ascertain the strength to be used, I was led into a make-believe world of total relaxation and contentment. My hour of massage ended too quickly, I still needed some more! Then there was the facial and I would recommend this facial for all who has sensitive skin. The facial treatment was hydrating and calming, something that my face seriously needed.

I was in bliss for a total of 210 minutes and it was enough for a gorgeous Friday evening. I had another drink of the flora tea and skipped out of the spa, feeling rejuvenated, energised and really merry. I would encourage stressed-out bankers who work long hours in Raffles Place to try out The Spa Artisan’s The Hamman Spa Journey from The Red Flower Menu. Private bankers can also treat their clients to The Hamman Spa Journey. Your client will be very glad to sit down with you and talk further about wealth management after the spa treatment. The Red Flower Menu from Japan is comprehensive, invigorating, soothing and rejuvenating. I don’t want to pitch too much because I am not in the business of boosting The Spa Artisans’ sales. I am in the business of trying out the spa treatments and seeing if the treatments are good enough to recommend to my readers, who are mostly stressed out parents like myself . I would give thumbs-up to The Spa Artisan as a spa providing relaxation, quality products and top-notch spa treatments to their customers.

On a final note, I need to bring out what The Spa Artisan lacked and it was space. I felt as if I was in a resort near the sea when I tried out the spa treatment at Aramsa- The Garden Spa but for The Spa Artisan, I felt very confined even though I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. I believe this is attributed to location because The Spa Artisan is situated in The Fullerton Hotel which is right smack in the middle of the Central Business District and of course, being a city hotel spa, you would naturally have less space. I prefer resorts and spas as opposed to spas in a hotel, so it’s really a personal preference. However, I would encourage all the hotel guests and of course bankers who are highly strung from work, to try the The Red Flower Menu. I love it and so will you!

The Spa Artisan- Special Blend of Flora Tea
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