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The Gem That I Found (In Diapers)

A couple of weeks ago, I was at TripleOne Somerset and of course, I had wanted to go to Applebees but I did not get a chance. As I wanted to get home and I had to cross over to get a cab, I decided to get my own lift from my Super-dad. He told me that he would be able to pick me in about 20 minutes. So I waited outside Tripleone Somerset and was parched. I decided to get a drink from NTUC Finest whilst waiting for my ride home. So I got into the supermarket and the shopping began. I remembered that I needed to get my strawberry jam and HL Low-Fat Milk, not to mention my baby’s diapers. Before I had a longer shopping list and potentially keeping my dad waiting, I grabbed my drink, strawberry jam and milk and ran in my heels to the diaper section. I knew the prices at NTUC Finest was finer than normal NTUCs so I had to be prudent and cautious not to get diapers which would cause a bomb. I saw this diaper promotion and it caught my eye because the medium-sized diapers were going for about S$16 plus, which to me was pretty cheap. However, I was quite reluctant to buy and stood there for a while contemplating because it was not a brand that I usually used. I remembered reading in some forums that their diaper quality was not bad. Ok, the brand was Petpet (no surprise).

Whilst I was still contemplating, my mobile phone rang and my dad was reaching soon. Due to time constraint, I decided to grab 2 packets of Petpet medium-sized diapers. I had to keep reminding myself that it was okay to get a different and cheaper brand of diapers because my baby used a lot of diapers. I paid for my groceries and the diapers and hopped onto my dad’s car. When I got home, I told the maid to use the diapers for Caden and Charles. Caden is super underweight at 10kgs and Charles is already 8.5kgs at 5 months, so they share the same diapers. The Petpet diapers are not fantastic but comparable to Huggies Dry Comfort which I usually get for more than S$17. Of course I am not comparing Petpet to Mamy Poko (which is Made In Thailand) and costs more than S$20 or Pampers but Petpet is definitely an alternative brand which you can try to keep the household costs down. Charles wore the Petpet diapers and he didn’t get any diaper rash on this buttocks or around his thighs. He slept in Petpet diapers before and his skin was still as smooth the next morning. Of course, my helper does one change of the diaper during the night. She does the change too with other brands like Mamy Poko, Pampers or Huggies. For mothers to achieve a comfort level, I just googled Petpet brand and it comes from the same company that manufactured the old brand Fitti. The Hong Kong company that manufacturers Petpet is a listed company and was established in 1973 in Hong Kong. So for some cost-savings, mothers can try Petpet diapers on their 4 month old. I tried and saved money!

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