SUPER NATURAL – XALF’s Superwoman Collection


XALF’s Superwoman collection proves that you do not need superpowers
to conquer the world

Five years after the first Xpression collection that brought XALF to the forefront of bespoke women’s footwear in Kuala Lumpur, the label has come full circle with a collection that celebrates womanhood – in line with XALF’s #beaXsuperwoman campaign that attempts to quantify attributes allowed exceptional women to excel in their respective fields. This is the tenth collection from a label that has seen resounding success over a short period of time.

They say that it’s a man’s world. And yet, there are those among the fairer sex who have risen above as they endeavour to bring out the best not only in themselves but also others.

Much like the song by Karyn White, that seeks fortitude in exemplary cases that’s cultivated through commitment, determination, ingenuity, and courage in the face of overwhelming odds. Strength does not come from brute force, XALF’s latest Superwoman is a celebration of true grit in womenfolk who have overcome obstacles by conquering their fears, and setbacks that have crippled those less mentally resilient.

“I’m sure we’ve all seen examples of strong women who have demonstrated positive alter egos when human strength will no longer suffice,” says founder Xavier Mah. “I believe that with confidence, there are those who can achieve much more than what others think they are capable of. The collection looks to distill infinite possibilities with names such as Wanda, Kara, Diana, Sue, Barbara, Sheena, Selina and Anna that may seem to be nonspecific in nature but the discerning will realise that they are also the first names of powerful superheroines.”

He goes on that some of them might be flawed individuals, but they embody womanhood at various stages of spiritual growth – embracing vulnerability and learning from mistakes that have shaped their outlook on life. Inspired by the feminist movement that was birthed in the 1960s; the diversity of the range reflects the different identities of superwomen who take on many roles in their everyday lives.

\From the edgy to the stylish and practical the eight pairs take on bold designs with assertive prints that embody the spirit of today’s modern women. “Versatility is the key in this collection,” explains creative director Alfred Hor. “And that’s why you see that we have curated a collection that is not only functional but also have unique personalities made possible through subtle details such as gold zippers and two-toned material.”



Kara (Superwoman) – USD550
Speaking of going incognito, the Kara could easily pass off as a nondescript 2.5-inch pump at first glance but on closer inspection has a patch of faux snakeskin on its toe cap. Unabashed about details that walk on the wild side, there is also gold zip piping that confers a dash of luxury.

Sue (Sue Storm) – USD550
The Sue vintage aesthetic is all but uplifted with a 2.5-inch pointy oxford. Ornate yet graceful there is a red felt toe cap and a set of black laces to give the shoe a resilient, almost authoritative quality. The patent leather in particular with gold zip piping and wooden wedge adds to its classic elegance.

Barbara (Barbara Gordon) – USD600
What happens when vivid orange patent leather combines with a gold zipper with a diametrically opposed wooden platform? An investigative study on what it takes to marry flair and romanticism on a challenging five-inch pointy pump. It makes for a visceral satisfaction with a take-no-prisoners approach to life.

Sheena (Sheena of the Jungle) – USD600
Materials are mixed and matched, so an effort is made to revive the leopard print on surfaces that require cut-outs in all the right places. Capitalising on an animalistic fanfare favoured by the bold, this five-inch stiletto also has gold zip piping and a partition of black to provide contrast that completes this stunner.

Anna (Rogue) – USD600
Calling to mind the chic accessory to a partially green spandex getup, the Anna is clad in emerald green leather with detachable parts for a little customisation. As a 5-inch mule that boasts a subtle two-toned transition, there are also gold zippers that allow for a transformation into the appropriately alter egos.

Selina (Catwoman) – USD650
Stay ahead of the pack with the Selina that boasts inimitable feline charm in an ankle boot construction that also has a wooden platform for support. An open back zipper allows easy accessibility and one can wear it during all nine lives of a determined go-getter.

Diana (Wonderwoman) – USD750
One of the essential add-on to make this ankle boot functional is a gold zipper that also allows the leopard print upper to be detachable. It provides contrast and alludes to the dual identity that most women play in their professional and personal lives. A wooden platform provides the lift that we all need from time to time.

To get a closer look the new collection and order these and previous models from XALF, visit their website or call +6010 863 2887 or +603 7737 9065 to make an appointment – to have your new dream shoes adapted to your personal preferences and imagination.

For all media enquiries, kindly contact:

Xavier Mah or +6012-350 7744

Anu Venugopal or +6012-212 5420

Tel: +603 2298 7200
Fax: +603 2298 7333

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