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Start Reading Young

I have been trying to get my older son Caden into the habit of reading. So I buy him print books from MPH, Popular and from Amazon. I try my best to read to him every night, but he seems uninterested. Yesterday night, he asked me during my reading session with me. The conversation goes.

“Mom can I talk to Siti Jie Jie (my helper)” said Caden

“Of course, you can.” I replied.

“Ok, then I go outside and you read yourself ok?” Caden replied.

With this statement, he walked out of my room. I felt miserable because I tried to read The Hare and The Tortoise to him and it was our special time to bond together and all he wanted was to ESCAPE from my reading.

I have tried my very best to read and mimic The Hare and The Tortoise in a very lively and cheerful way but my efforts seem UN-reciprocated by Caden. It’s okay I will try again and I am sure one day I will get his seal of approval.

I have reiterate here that besides being lively and creating the right atmosphere for reading, it is also important that you choose a good pictorial book with lots of animation and colour to catch your toddler’s attention. It’s good to point out here that they have a short attention span, unless of course your kid speed-reads and is a young member of MENSA.

I always get my book titles from The Young Parent’s Magazine. They do a lot of recommendation. I do not take their advice at face value but I will do some research on Amazon which sells the books pretty cheaply and of course, you will have to think of a way to ship the books here. Alternatively, shop at Popular armed with a Popular Card and the books can go quite cheaply there as well. Sorry to say it but in my opinion, I have not found a cheap children’s book from Kinokuniya or MPH.

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