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Established in 2004 by lead designer Pavan Anand, Dagmar Jewellery has become synonymous with high quality costume jewellery at affordable prices. Anand incorporates inspiration from a multitude of cultures in order to create intricate, embellished, yet modern jewellery that suits all varieties of tastes. Using silver alloys coated in 22-carat gold or rhodium and various simulated precious stones, the line has become known as a go-to for the discerning and fashionable woman as “affordable luxury”.

P1010779Katarzyna’s Dagmar Jewellery showcase

Anand, who is based in Mumbai, is an architect by trade but has successfully forayed into the world of jewellery. By combining a mixture of simulated gemstones with natural ones, he is able to create stunningly intricate pieces that does not require heavy investment for any occasion. Each design is rooted in bring out the intensity of coloured gemstones, such as rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. Although the coloured gemstones may seem to be reserved for evening occasions, Anand has ensured to create pieces that will look stunning when dressed down. Another unique aspect to Anand’s design process is the constant availability of new designs, which he presents every three weeks. This means that the high turnover rate will likely preserve the one-off uniqueness of each piece as well as keeping this fresh and on-trend.


This approach to design appeals to many celebrities and society women as they are able to wear and rotate new pieces for each event without compromising on its illustriousness and luxury. Many pieces come in limited quantities per season, ensuring that the clientele will not be spotted wearing the same item as another. This rings true in the Singapore market where galas, balls, and society events are aplenty and women will be scrambling to find complementary accessories to suit their different ensembles and needs. In this day where diamonds are not a must and the only option for events, the era of costume jewellery is finally here. However, that does not mean tacky and cheap-looking accessories. Anand fills the gap for the need of well-made and unique jewellery that could fool any untrained eye. Most recently, Dagmar Jewellery were the official accessories line for the Singapore launch of social media and events planning company, Kala Club.


In Singapore, Katarzyna Khanchandani is the sole purveyor of Dagmar Jewellery. She brought the line to Singapore after spotting it draped on the necks, ears, and wrists of Versace Couture models during Jakarta Fashion Week. Her rationale? Women needed a different source of jewellery that competed with haute jewels in overall looks, yet was affordable enough to keep purchasing in the long-run and ultimately, without compromising on quality. With almost the entire collection available in Singapore, she makes sure to purchase stocks each month to keep in-line with trends and the latest Dagmar collections. As she works with clients personally, she is also able to re-order the same, if not similar, stocks should something be unavailable. 

Katarzyna also knows how to cater to the differing tastes of local and international clientele. Being of Polish origin, she is able to tap into and understand the expatriate, as well as Singaporean community. She presents these collections in the comfort of her well-decorated and lavish home where she hosts private viewing parties periodically. Women are then able to peruse the collection at ease with canapés and wine, while socialising with friends and new acquaintances. Affordability, to her, is integral to the brand as it is what keeps her clients coming back after they have realised that these pieces are made of the utmost quality.

Earrings are priced between SGD169 – SGD 299
Necklaces are priced between SGD299 – SGD 799
Bangles are priced between SGD199 – SGD 499
Rings are priced between SGD159 – SGD359

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