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A Reticent Hero

Getting used to a baby’s poop and urine are underlying conditions of being a mom. You cannot wear nice clothes and you will always find saliva and milk all over your chest, after you burp the baby. No mother will tell you it is easy looking after a baby unless of course, like Brangelina, you have an entourage of nannies, who speak good English and are paid extremely well, to take care of your kids. Otherwise, you will have to wake up to feed your baby, be there when he or she poos and clean-up after that and be extremely patient with him or her when they get sick. As both my kids are boys, I also get to enjoy their occasional squirts of urine right onto my face. Fortunately for me, my confinement Nanny Ling-Jie warned me beforehand on this issue. So I always check and wait for my baby to finish his business before I change him. By doing so, I prevent my face from being urinated upon.

After birth, your baby will practically be going to his pediatrician every month to get vaccinated and to check on his development and growth. I had the privilege of accompanying Charles to his pediatrician visits during the first 4 months of his birth as I was at home on maternity leave. Before we go to the pediatrician, my helper would pack everything into the diaper bag and she would also get the stroller ready. I would change and pick up Charles whilst she grabbed my handbag, the diaper bag and the stroller (my stroller is Quinny Zapp plus so it’s kind of bulky).

After we reached Thomson Medical Centre (TMC), my helper and I would change our roles. She would handle Charles whilst I carry the my handbag, the diaper bag and the stroller. It was no easy feat. The diaper bag was heavy and so was the stroller. By the time I reached the clinic, I was tired out. After registration, I would always sit down with my helper and then play with Charles. Soon, it was milk time and I had to prepare the milk because my helper was busy looking after Charles. When I tried to open the diaper bag, the zip got stuck, it opened half way and no matter how hard I tried, the zip couldn’t open. Soon enough, the zipper gave way. I just took out all my gears to make the milk and left the bag alone. Charles has a very quick-temper and if he is hungry, he cannot be comforted and will wail at the top of his lungs, so to prevent any public embarrassment, I have to make the milk in 2 minutes. After being fed and the milk digested, Charles decided to take a poo and we had to find a nice area for him to lie on so that we could wipe and clean him up. Again the stupid zipper on the diaper bag was in the way because I had to take out my Pigeon Baby Wipes, Sebamed Baby Diaper Cream and my Petpet diapers. With the zipper stuck at mid-way, it was hard to take out the stuff you required and then put them back.

After Charles was cleaned up and happy, it was our turn to see Dr Ang. Dr Ang said Charles was growing well and he got vaccinated too. We left the clinic and hopped into a cab home. I took a look at my JJ Cole diaper bag and I could not believe the JJ Cole diaper bag would give way just like that after I used it for only 2 times. I thought it was a good diaper bag with rave reviews and would last me at least a year or so. My image of JJ Coles’ products fell drastically and I did not want to buy their products again. On top of that, JJ Cole products don’t come cheap either. Although the bag has its good points like having many compartments, the quality was not there. I don’t want to seem judgmental here but I am quite certain that the JJ Cole diaper bag that I got had a quality issue.

After such an encounter with a supposedly great brand, I decided to research on the best diaper bags around. I came to this website that recommended diaper bags this brand called Skip Hop was glaring. Apparently, it is a reliable brand made in the US. To talk a little about Skip Hop, Ellen and Michael Diamant were new parents and just like me in 2003. They searched scrambled and search but could not buy a good diaper bag so they invented their own diaper bag, which took US by storm when they launched the Skip Hop Diaper Bags in 2003 and since then they have never looked back and their products continue to delight a lot of parents. I decided to purchase a Skip Bag to try out and I like it very much. It’s material is lighter than JJ Cole and it has many compartments, not to mention it comes with a pouch and changing mat. Today, Skip Hop is a global brand recognized by discerning parents for innovation, great design and the highest quality in the baby products business. With this said, my JJ cole bag shall retire and now it’s Skip Hop. (An advertisement on Skip Hop products came out in the May edition of Young Parents.) You can also look at their great quality products at

Can you see the damaged zipper on my JJ Cole Diaper Bag?

My New Skip Hop Bag.
Find Skip Hop Products @
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A Reticent Hero

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