Are Singaporean University Graduates Too Lucky?

I read in agreement with an article on The Strait Times, Section D11, which talks about US college graduates contending with low-wage jobs or jobs which do not require college degree. With college degree holders contending to low-wage jobs at Mcdonalds or Au Bon Pain, the less-educated High School graduates are being pushed out of the job markets. During a year-long survey, most college degree holders contend with jobs as visual merchandisers, sales in clothing stores or sales representatives for cellular phones.

In Singapore, I was having such a hard time finding a sales representative to work at a high-end retailer. I was willing to pay S$1700 to anyone who would want to work in retail. However, I could not find any Singaporean applicants. Most who applied for the job advertisements which I put up were Filipinos. All Singaporean college graduates are hopeful that there are jobs out there that fit their job criteria but I feel that they are all deceiving themselves. Many jobs are converted to contractual jobs which make it easier for companies to hire and let go of the staff. Even managerial jobs are turned into contractual basis.

On the other hand, young Singaporeans who are looking for jobs are also concerned about the work hours, working conditions and getting a good pay. In the past when we were faced with the financial crisis in 1997, we took whatever jobs we could get. Some even had to wait for more than a year or two years to get a proper job.

Nowadays, retrenching and restructuring are common human resource tools to skim down on the workforce when the economy turns bad. However, we must also see the attitude of the new-age college graduates, they ask for the best conditions, sometimes give bosses attitude problems and do not work hard at the jobs they have been given.

Thus, I rather find older workers with lower education who are responsible and respectful. We will be seeing trends that more elderly workers will be in demand due to the problems that I have highlighted in the above.

 In conclusion, I think college graduates should lower their expectation, change their attitude towards work, and stop relying on parents who provide them with lodging and also monies to spend if they do not work. As parents, when your child has graduated from university, stop giving them the required spending monies to spend, ask them to look for jobs, help them with their resumes and if possible, connect them to a familiar job recruitment agency.

High Expectations

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