Press Release: Tiny Twig Babywear Australia Is In Singapore!

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Singapore, 26 February 2015- Making the right choice and decision for your child’s clothing is vital to the health of your child, especially if the baby suffers from sensitive skin. Your ultimate choice will affect our delicate environment as well. By promoting the use of organic cotton clothing, we can achieve the twin goals of carcinogen-free clothes for babies and also a healthier eco-friendly environment. As caring parents and responsible citizens, we are obliged to contribute our share to create a greener and sustainable future. Our love for babies and nature, coupled with a strong desire to offer something special, gave birth to Tiny Twig. Twig means new shoot which shows that the tiny plant is ready to grow into a big tree. We have created a loving organic twig for our tiny babies and thus named our brand “Tiny Twig” – a symbol of new growth and hope.

Safe to Babies and Safe to Mother Earth

Tiny twig is made of super soft organic cotton fabric which have been carefully chosen and  that is certified for its highest standards. Organic cotton is grown with natural fertilizers eliminating the usage of toxic chemicals, thus making it safe and gentle to the delicate skin of babies and Mother Earth alike.

Our Company’s Aim

At Tiny Twig, we focus on designs that are classic and patterns that are extremely comfortable, not to mention fashionable, for our precious babies. We also use the best colours from certified organic dyes, soft durable fabrics and trendy styling which makes organic clothing fun to wear. All of Tiny Twig’s apparels are affordable, safe and durable. Tiny Twig’s aim is to spread the world of Organic Clothing with affordable pricing and further create a healthy world for the next generations to come.

Our Vision

Tiny Twig is born and created in Adelaide and made its way to the whole of Australia in a very short time. With our commitment, quality and integrity, we are available in Japan and the USA. We will soon be branching out into every part of the world with our slogan of “Go Organic”.

Strategic Partnership with Caden & Charles Pte Ltd (“Caden & Charles”) in Singapore

Caden & Charles is immensely elated to be awarded the exclusive distributorship for South-East Asia after eight months of intense discussion. Similar to Tiny Twig, Caden & Charles is a distributor which provides organic and natural clothing, skincare and products to our precious babies, mommies-to-be and mommies themselves.

With the award of the exclusive distributorship, Caden & Charles aims to spread the availability of fine-quality and well-designed Tiny Twig clothing range throughout South-East Asia. Tiny Twig Organic Babywear will be in stores very soon. The organic babywear comes in single pieces and also in gift boxes which makes gifting to your mommy-to-be or daddy-to-be friends or co-workers, a breeze.


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