My Not So Beautiful Bump

When I was pregnant, I was tired and forever wanting to lay down. I wanted foods that I wouldn’t even fathom eating when I was not pregnant. During my first trimester, I wanted to eat nasi goreng, murtabak and curry (I never eaat chilli or spicy food my whole life). Being pregnant, things certainly changed for me. I couldn’t exercise due to spotting and my gynae told me not to walk too much or work too hard. When I had spotting again, my gynae advised me full bed rest and no more working. So for my whole pregnancy, I just stayed at home ordering junk food and pizza. Mom bought me food but I didn’t want anything healthy. All I wanted was Mcdonald’s nuggets and fish burger and ice cream from Ben & Jerrys.    I stayed at home like a couch PIG. I was too big to be a couch POTATO.

For my appearance, I just used facial wash, no moisturizer of any sort and no make-up. After my 4th month, I cut my long hair short. It was supposed to be a bob but I was too tired to manage it. I just wash it everyday and use conditioner whenever I remembered. I looked terrible. I did not tweeze my eyebrows every 3 weeks and my eyebrows were shapeless.

When I reched my 6th month and my clothes became too small, I resorted to wearing my husband’s army t-shirts and basketball tees. They were ugly but COMFORTABLE. All I did was eat, watch TV, read parenting magazine and books and sleep. At first, my weight increase was normal but it shot up during my third trimester and I had gained 15kgs before I knew it. My gynae told me my weight increase was a little too rapid and told me to try to do some exercise like slow swimming. I told him that I was afraid the spotting might come back if I exercised too much. He told me to rest and not get too stressed out by the spotting.

I was so alarmed with my weight gain that I changed everything to low-fat, low-fat milk, low-fat margarine, soft-grain bread and I ate less. I drank Similac Maternal Milk (I threw up whenever I took Annum Maternal Milk, it’s really an individual thing) and took my Obimin religiously. I also took my calcium to prevent osteoporosis in old age.

As for my hair, I cut it thrice during my whole pregnancy. It was supposed to be a bob but because I didn’t managed it so I looked like a mushroom head. I had white hair too but because I couldn’t colour at the advice of the hair designer, I just let my white hair grew. WHITE HAIR IS SOMETHING TOXIC, at least to me! Fortunately, there were not too many strands.

I have seen magazines talking how to beautify the bump but I just wanted to sleep it off and didn’t have the mood to shop. The only maternity clothes I bought were from NEX Spring Boutique and something from United Square. Beauty was not a criterior during pregnancy but I really envy those Hollywood moms who took so much effort to look good when they definitely are feeling less than happy and more edgy with a bump and escalating hormones.

I just wonder what crosses the mind of these Hollywood moms who took so much time to put on make-up and beautify their bumps with such lovely clothes? What kind of kinetic energy actually drives them to look so good in front of MR PAPARAZZI? Hollywood Moms, I salute you. Not to mention the rapid weight loss after delivery. Just take a look at Jessica Alba. She is my inspiration…….

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