My Baby Called Acer

I love blogging because it is an easy way to pen my thoughts. My life right now is pretty consumed by the social media network and of course technology. I love reading magazines and besides women’s magazine, I like to read HWM about what new technology they have in the market. I do not like to go to huge Tech Exhibitions like Comex because of the big crowds.

I have always wanted my own laptop, the main reason being that my husband and I would always fight over who to use the desktop in our study room. The desktop has a 27-inch Samsung LCD screen and we added another 17-inch screen for easy viewing when you are toggling between sites. I have to make it clear here that my husband is a technology geek who love fast cars and fast lanes. So I am always getting the latest gadgets from him. He just bought me a new touch screen Nikon digital camera yesterday after Caden damaged my fusion-pink Canon IXUS digital camera about 3 weeks ago by dropping it on the floor (that’s my fusion-pink digital camera, I don’t care I just love the colour!).

I woke up feeling extremely cheery today. I greeted my 2 kids and helpers and I had my Ipoh White Coffee. Well, I have been talking and whispering to my husband for a long time about getting me a laptop, but his immediate reaction would be “Who uses the laptop anymore, use the Ipad.” I mean SERIOUSLY, how am I going to type fast enough on the Ipad to blog. I am not sure but I guess there are people out there who can type super fast on an Ipad. Well, not for me. I announced to my hubby that I wanted to get a laptop TODAY and I was very serious about it.

Seeing me being so serious, he got a little nervous, changed into his polo tee and khakis and brought me to to Sim Lim Square, where all fair-priced technology were in Singapore . We parked at Burlington Square because Sim Lim’s carpark was full as usual on a weekend.  I already had in mind what I wanted. I wanted something of mid-price and of course, two Taiwan brands came to mind and they were Acer and Asus. I would love to get a Fujitsu or Toshiba but I thought what I wanted would be their high-end models which would cost more than S$2000.

I went to this shop on the second level called MC.2. They had the Acer Ultrabook which runs on solid-state drive (SSD) and another ASUS model which runs on SSD as well. I read the specs and they were about the same. I am not going to dwell into the differences between SSD and hard-disk drive (HDD) because it would then turn my post into a technology post which defeats the purpose as I wanted this post to be about shopping for a laptop. However, since I brought up the subject on SSD, I will just explain a little here. It’s a storage device which does not run on or use any electromechanical device like hard-disk drive or floppy disk, it works more like a flash drive. SSD is more silent and has less access time than HDD. So in essence, it works and runs faster than a HDD but it costs more.

Being my prudent husband, Mark wanted to compare prices at more shops and so we trotted to the 3rd level. We came to this shop called Newstead and was greeted by a nice sales guy called William. He told us that the Acer Ultrabook was on promotion and I could get it at less than S$1500, the price quoted by MC.2 because only them and one other shop was having a promotion for the Acer Ultrabook. Boy, was I happy to hear about the promotion. Since I have decided on what I wanted, Mark and I told William that we were hungry and would be back for the laptop. After we left the shop, we went to have a very late lunch. We discussed a little on the laptop and we had the same idea to buy the Acer Ultrabook. After I finished my sweet sour pork rice and hot Milo, we went back to look for William and happily told him that I wanted the Acer Ultrabook. He got me a new set and set up everything for me. I was so excited and I felt like a little girl who got hold of her first barbie doll. At last, I bought my FIRST laptop (first because the previous ones all belonged to my ex-companies and I used them merely for work!)

I hope this Acer Ultrabook works as well as it is advertised to be. I am using it right now to blog. It is super light and quite easy to navigate. My baby Acer, welcome to the world of blogging and please be strong and tough to enjoy my blogging journey with me.

To end my post off, I will talk about some basic requirements which you need to get before you start writing your personal blog. I am still a newbie but I believe to start a blog and be successful at it, you will need to choose the correct blog hosting service to publish your blog.  Think carefully and come up with an idea on what you want to write about and focus on it. You will need to be visual especially those who are writing about food or travel. It is an opportune time to invest in a good camera which will help you capture the moments. Like myself, you might be thinking of getting a mid-ranged laptop so that you can write your blog wherever you are and where Wi-fi is readily available.

My New Laptop
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