Le Noir: The Intimate Side of Cirque

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After a successful run in 2013, the high octane performance of Le Noir returns to the MasterCard Theatre in Marina Bay Sands promising to take things up a notch with a number of new acts.

A copious amount of work has been put into transforming the MasterCard Theatre into an intimate performance venue to seat audiences around a custom-built circular stage giving a spectacular 360 degree view of the performance and bringing the heart pounding action closer than ever before.

Le Noir explores emotions through colors – they run wild, while the troupe evolves from pure angelic white to a passionate fiery red and black finishing with a dramatic end of darkness. Delivering solid energetic performances with plenty of thrills and breath-taking moments certainly makes it an enjoyable evening night out.


It is imperative to make a special mention of Salvador Salangsang Jr., who plays the role of the Clownish Ringmaster with extraordinary finesse. His captivating performance assists to ease the transition between the different acrobatic acts with his larger-than-life personality and risqué humor. The audiences are also kept in great suspense and they are not aware when they will be his next “victim” to join him on stage for an on-the-spot audience-participation.

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As the opening act, contortionist Thomas Worrell, performs with great flexibility inside and around a suspended hoop and this spectacular performance sets the tone for the quality of the entire show.

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Shenea Booth mesmerizes us with her ever-so-graceful moves whilst performing the “Hand Balance” act. Sitting so close to action, we can even see her well-toned arm muscles and her svelte figure.

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The highlight of the evening – Wheeloco Team (Wheel of Death), a complex circus stunt involving two acrobats – Angelo Rodgriguez and Carlos Macias, performing daring feats with a pair of spinning wheels dangling high in the air with no safety harness or crash mats! There were exciting shrieks from the audiences during the several near-misses when the Wheel spun faster, and Carlos upped the ante by running the wheel with a blindfold. When the performance was over, the pair received a thunderous standing ovation!

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With incredible display of balance, contortion, stamina and aerial artistry, the skills exhibited by the cast of Le Noir was highly entertaining and you would be entertained and thrilled by the entire performance. This is a theatrical experience that one should not miss.

Le Noir is currently performing at the Mastercard Theatre at the Marina Bay Sands until 29 Jun 2014. Visit Sistic for more ticketing information.

Review by Wendy Shen

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