Launch of Bebe Sydney in Singapore

[Press Release] Launch of Bebe Sydney in Singapore and Malaysia

11 Aug 2013, 11.30PM

The press release is an interview which we have done with Nathalie and her sister, Michelle, the powerhouses behind the brand Bebe Sydney. As such, the press release format will be in the form of an interview and the interview comprises of very pertinent and appropriate information to know the brand and also the designers and sales maven behind the brand we love to call Bebe Sydney.

1.Tell us about the history behind the brand? When it was first started? Why? and how?

Born into a family of veteran fashion wholesalers, fashion made a strong impression on Natalie Speiser at a young age.

After completing her fashion studies at the exclusive White House College of Fashion in Sydney, Nathalie took some time off and went travelling around the world. It was at this point in time when it struck her how Australian girls do not have the opportunity to experience the fast pace and in vogue fashion trends.

After some thought, Natalie decided that she would create a brand with her fashion background that would be committed to bringing the fun and every-changing fashion trends back to Australia to dress the Australian girls.

Ten years ago, Natalie’s sister, Michelle, joined the team and since then Bebe Sydney has grown but remained true to its cause. This cause is has become even more important as the speed of fashion evolves so much faster these days.

The Bebe Sydney girl is identified by her feminine, fun and charismatic style. She is inspiring to be around with and she loves to be recognised for her fashion sense. She wants to be seen as trendy, fashion forward and chic and she is not afraid to stand out from the crowd.

We love the Bebe Sydney girl for all her enthusiasm, confidence & fresh persona.

2. Where do you source your inspiration? And how do they drive you and influence your design?

Both Natalie & Michelle travel the globe in search of the most exciting new pieces, snapping great street style looks, and are inspired by all the exciting places which they have visited. The places they have visited, the cities they have explored, and the fashion trends they have saw, gave them excellent ideas which are then developed and crystallised into Bebe Sydney’s collections. Unique fabrics are sourced to ensure that every garment has a distinctive flair which is synonymous with the Bebe Sydney’s branding.

3. How do you transfer these inspirations into design? Talk us through your design process from drawing board to in-store/online?

A strong collaboration between designer and production is much needed to bring the designer’s inspirations to life and for the women to wear the creations in a way that is feminine and fun. For every collection, the sisters will take a trip around the world to gather inspiration and then bring them to the table and begin collaborating with production. This collaboration often takes a few months from conception to implementation and launch of the collection. Nathalie and Michelle stay committed to bringing the most exciting and leading-edge trends to the Bebe Sydney girl.

4. Can you tell us the story behind the name?

The name Bebe Sydney came from a philosophy of ‘being’. Be unique, be fabulous, be fun, be flirty, be inspiring, be feminine, just be yourself.

5. Why is Singapore the first Asian City to launch Bebe Sydney

Bebe Sydney is ready and excited to launch into the Asian market. The brand is perfectly suited for the fashionable and modern lady. It was easy for Michelle to choose Singapore as their first stop to launch Bebe Sydney in Asia because Michelle has always had a soft-spot for Singapore and Singapore is one of her favourite cities in the World. Singaporean ladies are so lucky to have another upbeat, ultramodern and swanky brand to explore and adorn.=

For all media questions, please direct to Karen Lee Robe de Princesse LLP (RDP)


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