Indian Fashion At Its Best – Presented by Mythology

Hidden amongst the crowded restaurants and bars of Club Street lies a trendy, chic and snazzy boutique called Mythology. It is at 88 Club Street and the address is easily etched onto one’s mind. The boutique is literally revamped and looks like an upscale New York fashion boutique and imagine that it is in the heart of food streets like Smith Street and Mosque Street and just 3 minutes by drive from Maxwell Market.

The shop is owned by Ms Apsara Oswal who grew up in the US and returned to India to work as a fashion stylist. She completely transformed my idea of Indian Fashion. I was invited to the launch of Indian designer, Ritu Pande’s new collection. Ritu had designed one western collection and one Indian collection.

Her Western Collection blew my mind and I immediately placed an order with Ritu. I wanted to get the exact same toga dress she was wearing and I asked her she could make it for me but in black and she said, “Yes, Of course, let me take your measurements.” I was surprised and elated and not to mention, I have another custom-made dress to wear to my events.

Much to my ignorance, the only Indian designer I knew was Indian-born and American Fashion Designer, Naeem Khan. His dresses blaze the Hollywood red carpets but I believe if you have seen Ritu Pande’s designs, they will reignite what you have missed out on fashion and change your whole attitude and mentality towards Indian designers, who are really good with choosing the right fabrics and their stitch work is just exceptional.

During the launch, I met Ms Singapore World 2006, Colleen Francisca. I was so attracted by this Indian pink and black Sari and I asked Colleen if she could do the honors of dressing up in the Sari and let me take a picture of her. She immediately agreed and she was absolutely gorgeous in Ritu Pande’s Sari. She looked a billion dollars.

I left the launch with a new custom-made dress which will be ready in a few weeks, a total change in psyche about Indian fashion and accessories. I am really delighted to invited to the launch and I will be getting my chunky new earrings from India soon.

Ritu Pande and Apsara Oswal
Ritu Pande and Apsara Oswal
Miss Singapore World 2006 Colleen Francisca in the Gorgeous Pink Sari
Miss Singapore World 2006 Colleen Francisca in the Gorgeous Pink Sari

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