iiamo -World’s First Self-Heating Milk Bottles Launching In Singapore in April 2017

25 March 2017 – Caden & Charles Pte Ltd (“Caden & Charles’) has been awarded the sole distributorship in Singapore and Malaysia for iiamo self-heating milk bottles, regular milk bottles and pacifiers.

iiamo is the manufacturer and supplier of the World’s First Self-Heating Milk Bottle from Denmark. Using the heating cartridgeiiamo warm, it gives parents the freedom to warm a bottle of milk for their baby without having to find electricity or a microwave oven.

The fantastic thing about iiamo warm is that the heating process takes place in a pure natural way using only dehydrated salt and water. iiamo calls the heating cartridge “nature’s little heating miracle“.

An iiamo warm cartridge contains water and dried salt (CaCl2) in 2 separate chambers. When activated, the water and the dried salt in iiamo warm mix, re-hydrating the salt and beginning a pure, natural heating process. The secret is the exceptional dryness of the salt, and the subsequent high energy released when that salt meets water.

iiamo go warms up milk to drinking temperature (i.e. breast milk temperature which is somewhat below 37°C/99°F) when the milk poured into the bottle has room temperature (ca. 21°C/70°F) and the bottle is filled up completely with 180ml of milk. If the milk is colder or warmer or if the bottle is not filled completely, the result can vary a little. The user must always remember to test the temperature of the milk before he or she feeds the baby.

When the iiamo go cartridge is being triggered, it will take up to 4 minutes for the milk to warm up. The user will need to shake the bottle gently to mix the water and salt in the cartridge to activate full heating. iiamo go will keep the drinking temperature for about 15 to 20 minutes depending on the surrounding environment. The heating cartridge should only be removed when it has cooled down as an activated heating cartridge becomes very hot. The user needs to let the heated cartridge stay in the heating chamber in the bottle until it has cooled down before removing the cartridge.

Each iiamo go heating cartridge can only be used once and must be disposed after use. Once the salt and water has been mixed it is impossible to separate them again – at least not without adding chemicals.

An additional advantage about iiamo milk bottles is that it can be taken apart to be cleaned. You can even wash the Iiamo milk bottles in the dishwasher. Furthermore, the bottom of an Iiamo bottle can be removed so that you can clean it easily and thoroughly without using a bottle brush.

Unlike other conventional milk bottles, the iiamo milk bottle dries fast on the inside, thus it leaves no smell like the other milk bottles. Apart from iiamo go, other iiamo products include the following:

  • iiamo home is the classic baby bottle for home use. It is the same design as iiamo go, but without the heating cartridge. All parts can be interchangeable between the 2 types of bottles.
  • iiamo warm is the disposable heating cartridge, that produces enough heat to warm a bottle of milk when on the go and the technology only uses salt and water.
  • iiamo flow is the anti-colic, pure silicon teat for iiamo go and iiamo home.
  • iiamo drink is the drinking spout for all iiamo bottles that turns a baby bottle into a drinking bottle for kindergarten or sports. Parents appreciate the aesthetics of the well-designed drinking bottle and the fact that the durable baby bottle can be used for a long time.
  • iiamo peace is a soother designed with amazing air-ventilation and it comes with a teat made of 100% pure silicon in an orthodontic shape. Intensive research has shown that this shape reduces the risk of open bite. Besides providing excellent breathing to the baby whilst he or she is sucking on the pacifier, the shape of the soother also prevents rashes around the baby’s mouth.
  • iiamo string is a need-to-have soother and holder set. The holder attaches the iiamo peace pacifier in a short string to your child’s clothes. It also shields the pacifier teat from dirt and germs when tucked away in mummy or daddy’s bag.

iiamo is well-known for its design, functionality and innovation. iiamo cares for every detail and the Company works with only the best designers in their field. iiamo has its headquarters and main production plant in Denmark and the stunning iiamo milk bottles and pacifiers are designed by world-renowned New York industrial designer, Karim Rashid.

Karim is not only a dad himself but also one of the most prolific industrial designers in the world, being recognized for his work for Audi, Prada, Samsung, YSL, Sony, Swarovski and Armani, just to name a few.

Over the past few years, Iiamo has won many awards and accolades, These awards and accolades include the following:

  • 2009 – Interior Design Honoree & Best of Year Merit Award
  • 2009– Good Design Award
  • 2010 – Pentaward
  • 2010 – Kind + Jugend Innovation Award
  • 2012 – Junior Design Award
  • 2014 – Baby&Co Innovatives Produkt

You can view how the iiamo go bottle functions via this youtube link:

iiamo products will be launching in Singapore in April 2017.

Designer Karim Rashid w iiamo go

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