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iiamo – “andiamo”, let’s go!

iiamo is an multi-award-winning Danish baby product line, free of BPA, BPS and other harmful chemicals. The products are cleverly designed by a dad, who also happens to be one of the world’s leading industrial designers, Karim Rashid. That’s why the iiamo baby bottles and accessories carry Karim’s signature: organic forms and bright colours.

Although iiamo baby bottles were launched in 2009 and won the world’s prestigious Kind+Jugend Innovation Award in 2010, the iiamo product development team had been relentless in their pursuit for perfection. They worked hard to improve the iiamo go bottles and addressed any problems which the initial bottle had.


  1. iiamo go has been revamped and  it is essentially a new product when you compare the new bottle with its predecessor.
  2. The package has been completely redesigned. The creative design team changed the packaging from pink to white, with a window to the product, including a lot more information on the box as a guide for consumers and a label behind in the national language.
  3. The iiamo team added an extra, flat bottom to iiamo go, so that the new iiamo go is a 2-in-1 baby bottle which can be used both as a self-heating baby bottle as well as a conventional baby bottle.
  4. The material of the heating chamber has been changed from steel to PP (polypropylene, the same plastic material the bottle is made of). This not only made the heating chamber transparent but also made the product much lighter.
  5. Furthermore, the former steel/plastic combination which posed a problem for the old bottles and it could leak from the bottom when the bottle was handled inappropriately, this leaking problem was resolved using PP instead of steel as material for the heating chamber.
  6. The lid was given a better grip on the bottle. This was made by a little notch on bottle and the lid fitting into each other. The old lid had a smooth rim (no notch).
  7. The price of the newly revamped iiamo go bottle was reduced significantly.
  8. The EANs and the product numbers were also changed.

Other changes implemented comprise of the following:

  1. The regular bottle iiamo home was introduced to supplement iiamo go as a home-use bottle. All parts can be interchanged between iiamo go and iiamo home.
  2. The heating cartridges, iiamo warm were made transparent instead of pink. Since the cartridges are now see-through, it is easier to see and understand what is going on inside the cartridge.
  3. All packages have been redesigned to supplement the iiamo go package.

Caden & Charles is the official distributor of iiamo baby bottles and accessories. The contemporary design of the revamped iiamo go and iiamo home baby bottles makes bottle feeding much easier, whether you are warming your baby’s milk at night, making a dash to the supermarket or even going on a short trip. All you need is the innovative iiamo go 2-in-1 baby bottle, a few warming cartridges and your breast or formula milk.

The new iiamo go bottle is reasonably priced at S$39.90 and the iiamo home at S$32.90. Try iiamo go, it makes caring for your baby simpler with its functional design. As all the parts of the iiamo go and iiamo home baby bottles can be disassembled completely, the bottle is very easy to wash. For iiamo go bottles with the PP heating chamber, you can put all the parts into the dishwasher for cleaning. However, if you own the previous bottle with the steel chamber, the chamber should not be put into the dishwasher for washing. As the iiamo bottle can be disassembled completely and put together again easily, you can take the bottom off and reach every inch of the bottle inside the bottle without using any special bottle brush.

iiamo go comes with the iiamo flow teat (0m+) made of 100% pure silicon. The teat has a built-in anti-colic ventilation system. This will adjust the intake of air and prevent vacuum in the bottle and it reduces the risk of your baby swallowing air and becoming colic.

iiamo bottles are very high quality and therefore are suitable for microwaves. However, it is not recommended to heat up feeding bottles with milk in a microwave oven because by heating up milk in the microwave, the process can destroy nutrients in the milk and also lead to hot spots in the milk. If you have one of the first iiamo go bottles equipped with the steel heating chamber, you must make sure not to put the steel into the microwave oven. No matter how you heat the milk for your baby, please remember to shake the bottle well to disperse the heat evenly throughout the milk and always check the temperature before feeding!

Almost all health organizations, including WHO, agree that breast milk stored in the fridge and formula milk should be served at a temperature corresponding to body temperature. The primary reason is because cold milk will cool down the baby, and the baby will subsequently need to spend a lot of energy warming up the milk inside his body. Therefore when you heat up the milk using iiamo warm, it takes only 4 minutes for the iiamo warm to heat up the milk to 37 degrees celsius, which is equivalent to our body temperature.

Any questions with regards to the iiamo line of products can be sent to and we will reply to you promptly.

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