Frank Skincare – 100% Organic Luxury Face Oils

Frank Skincare is the brainchild of Cissy Chen, who spent a good decade of her career in the fashion industry providing design and creative directions.

Kore Team spoke to Cissy and we managed to learn the story behind the creation of Frank Skincare, a small-batch of luxury face oils conceived, design and carefully crafted for the Asian skin especially for those living in the tropical regions.

1) Why create an organic skincare range? 

Growing up in the harsh and humid weather in Singapore, I have experienced problematic skin issues like sensitive skin, frequent breakouts and a combination skin type due to prolonged exposure to air-conditioning. I grew sick and tired of the dire state which my skin was in and I felt compelled to research further to find a solution to treat my own skin. From my research and studies, I managed to discover solutions which could deliver extremely good results for my skin issues, hence the creation of Frank Skincare.

2) What is the brand ideology behind Frank Skincare?

Frank Skincare is a small-batch of luxury skincare line made with 100% certified organic ingredients. We source and hand-picked only the best natural active organic ingredients from various parts of the world to create this range of lightweight oil and hydrosol-based formula which helps to treat and protect skin of women, men and babies living in tropical weather.

3) What is the difference between using organic skincare versus other non-organic skincare range?

I can assure that skincare products which are 100% organic are chemical-free because the chemicals are eliminated throughout the entire farming process and 100% organic skincare only uses Non-GMO botanical ingredients.

GMOs (genetically modified organisms), are organisms created in a laboratory using genetic modification techniques. Scientists, consumers and environmental groups have cited many health and environmental risks with foods and skincare containing GMOs. As a result of the risks, many people around the world are demanding Non-GMO foods and skincare.

Most commercial grade skincare or “natural-inspired” skincare are often made of synthetic chemical substances and preservatives. Over time, these chemicals are absorbed by our bodies and prolonged exposure to these harmful chemicals can accumulate and cause detrimental effects for our bodies in the long run.

4) Why is Frank Skincare so big on facial oils? What are the benefits of facial oils for the skin?

Our range of Face Oils are 100% pure and without any filler products. By using our Face Oils, you are able to enjoy a robust and a full-range of vitamins, anti-oxidants and omegas derived from the botanical ingredients which could help speed up regeneration of skin cells, reduce sign of aging and lightweight enough for Singapore’s kind of weather. You will need much lesser amount of our products on your skin as compared to commercial products which usually contain only 1-9% of the actual ingredients which benefit your skin.

5) What kind of anti-aging benefits can we get from using facial oils?

Our Face Oils help to reduce signs of aging and by using of our Face Oils, it helps to plump up skin cells to promote skin cells renewal.

6) Which facial oils would you recommend to those who are seeking for anti-aging options?

All 3 types of our Face Oils have strong anti-aging qualities. They are formulated according to the different skin type which we have, for example Juicier Luxury Face Oil is formulated for combination skin, Radiant Pregnancy Luxury Face Oil for sensitive or dry skin and Super-Man Luxury Face Oil for oily skin.

7) Which is your best-selling facial oil?

Juicier Luxury Facial Oil is our best seller because combination skin is very common in our region, thus making it our best-seller.

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For more information about Frank Skincare, kindly visit Frank Skincare’s website at 


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