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When Milan Fashion Week comes around, it usually alludes to the impeccable tailoring Italian fashion houses are known for. Visions of tanneries with their buttery soft leathers, furs, and slinkier silhouettes that focuses on a woman’s figure come to mind. Milan Fashion Week is that, and more. With the rise, fall, and rebranding of so many iconic fashion houses, it is no wonder everyone is singing La Dolce Vita and embracing the new Italian outlook on fashion. Here are some of our favourite looks from Fall 2014’s fashion week.

Dolce & Gabbana

Can anyone think of Milan Fashion Week without uttering the name Dolce & Gabbana? I think not and for good reason. The designer duo are synonymous for knowing how to dress a woman. True to their aesthetic, this Fall, their oft-embellished creations take a playful turn. Various woodland creatures get a kitschy rendition, while classic keys are mixed with floral motifs and brocade. The idea behind it might seem odd and ill-fitting for a line known for its glamour, but somehow it manages to work to extraordinary effect. What makes the seemingly juvenile concept work lies with the feminine silhouettes.

DG 2
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There are plenty of nipped waists, body-skimming silhouettes, as well as billowy gowns. In terms of colour, all manners of shade were present on the runway. From vibrant reds, to sky blues, and royal tones, it manages to take dread out of the often darker palette of the Fall and Winter collections. Just take a look at the pictures to see the great detail and appreciate the elegance in its full glory.

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I don’t often find Blumarine’s designs appealing: there is something very girlishly 2000s that doesn’t capture my eye. Despite by the fact that they do have some killer silhouettes and pretty prints, it somehow always seemed less conceptual and more commercial. Not that there is anything wrong with that either, but it’s always interesting to see designers pushing boundaries. However, this Fall, Blumarine have exceeded my expectations with their twist on Far East (read: Japanese) reinterpretation of Italian tailoring. 

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There is a very obvious nod to the kimono traditions of Japan with the way the clothes are made and styled, down from the diagonal slits, kimono sleeves, and obi belts. However, the more unexpected aspect comes from the Asian prints that have made its way to traditional Italian or Western-style silhouettes and clothing items. The gold dripping prints are splendid and opulent. Put on a bomber jacket, it is so chic and slightly edgier. Veering away from merely doing dresses, the trousers and shorts were particularly refreshing to see on a Fall runway. Although our legs might be cold during the wintertime, at least we’ll be oh-so-chic.


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I have loved almost every single collection Gucci has done ever since Frida Giannini joined as Creative Director. Her idea of Gucci diverges from the quintessentially vampy and sexy Gucci of the Tom Ford era. It has been replaced with an almost classic design, but all with a twist. She knows how women want to dress like, not just seductive but also functional and edgy without becoming too ‘Man Repelling’. This collection seems more pared down and classic than the ones she has presented recently. This is mainly attributed to the clean lines and lack of pattern on the runway. However, who doesn’t love a good leather?

Gucci 2
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What catches my eye is the usage of such supple leather. I’m a sucker for leather, and not only that, for combining leather with other textures. The tough-luxe aspect that leather brings to an outfit is automatically levelled out when combined with silks and embellishment. The colours are all so delicious too – from burgundies to sorbet tones. Although she put out a fair amount of leopard-printed ensembles, the monotone, head-to-toe look does not overwhelm and looks rather classy. Also, who can resist a cotton candy-coloured shaggy fur jacket when the mercury drops?

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Last but not least, Versace. The one brand everyone associates with Milan and its former campiness. Long gone are the days where Medusa’s head reigned the runways of Versace (although they are still present on most buttons and detailing). This may not be my favourite collection ever, and certainly not during Milan Fashion Week, but is still worth a mention for the sheer fact that it is not overtly sexy, tight, or short. All of the above are Donatella’s fashion mantras when it comes to designing for the brand. Instead, we see impeccably tailored suits for any feminine power woman, tasteful patterns, and impeccable embellishments. 

Versace 1
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It doesn’t hurt that the jewel-toned colour palette is eye-catching and will be sure to take your mind off the fact that the sun will probably set at 4 p.m. every day. Particularly apt for Versace’s line is the peekaboo detailing as seen in the pictures below. Being covered does not mean no skin is seen – it is in the form of keyhole necklines and transparent detailing. Overall it was a surprising collection to watch being paraded down the runway. We can only hope that Donatella continues on this trajectory and stops designing for the mega-wealthy nouveau riche.

Versace 2 
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