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Caden at School

Caden started school when he was like 18 months. Like any Kiasu Singapore parent, I wanted Caden to learn all the alphabets, numbers and read as many books as he possibly can at a very young age and hopefully play the piano and violin by 2 years old. But of course, I was just dreaming and hoping for a miracle. After some research, I sent Caden to Kinderland Childcare near my house and after 4 days at school, he was admitted to hospital for viral infection. He had high fever and was suffering because of my stupidity. I only thought that I should be like a responsible parent and send him to school as soon as he can string a sentence, but I never let him build up his immune system which was more important because Caden was underweight. I regretted my decision and it took him a month to fully recover from the viral infection he got from school or just going to school. I decided to take him out of school and let him stay at home. This was the best move that I had made. Without any supervision, Caden was soon learning to string sentences and words by himself learning from Barney and Friends, Thomas the Train and Mickey Playhouse, just to name a few. After awhile, my husband had a friend who owned an enrichment school for kids called Brillionaire Kids at Serangoon NEX. We decided to enroll Caden there for enrichment classes once a week as we wanted him to play with other kids and learn social skills. A month into the course at Brillionaire, he got used to having friends at school. He was listening to the teacher’s instructions and learning at his own pace. At two and half years, we finally enrolled Caden to Toddlers’ Class at GUG. With the accompaniment from our helper, Caden was at school 2 times a week and soon when he turned 3 this year, he carried his own school bag and attended classes alone at GUG for 3 days a week. Recently, I visited his school during his 3 year old Birthday Party and I was so proud and happy to see my healthy son in class with his friends and teachers. Learning is for a lifetime and there is no timeline. I believe Caden is learning everyday and improving and developing his social skills. As parents, we should be happy just to see him smile. That smile is worth a million dollars.


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