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[Press Release] Launch of Aly & Rachelle in Singapore and Malaysia

                  14 July 2013, 11:38PM

Aly & Rachelle was founded in United Kingdom and Hong Kong in 2011. The Creative Director for Aly and Rachelle, Christine Lam, is highly talented and she completed her fashion studies at Central Saint Martins before she went on to work for brands like Agent Provocateur, Alexander McQueen, and Moshino Koshino.

With the wealth of experience accumulated, Christine decided to launch her own brand Aly & Rachelle with Stanley Tung in London and Hong Kong.  As the production of the collections is based in Hong Kong, Christine moved back to Hong Kong in 2012 to oversee the whole creative and production process.

Both Christine and Stanley believed that quality plays an essential role in their clothing, and that at present, there is still a gap in the market for good quality clothing and selling them at a reasonable and affordable price.

The story behind the creative efforts of Aly & Rachelle is about a pair of twins called Aly & Rachelle.  Aly being the older sister has a stronger personality.  She is edgier and bolder, whilst Rachelle on the other hand is more feminine and womanish.

Moving forward, Aly & Rachelle will be expanding their collection and the personalities of the twins will be more obvious in their fashion photo shoots and the styles of the clothes being designed and presented.  The fashion house will be doing more separates in their SS14 collection.

Christine said that their target customers are women in their mid-twenties to late forties.  Their target audience and customers are professional women and women in the mid to high level of society.

When asked about her own personal style, Christine relates, “My personal style is what Aly & Rachelle is all about.  I like things are simple and easy-to-wear and clothes that bring out the femininity of women.” Christine believes that women can be fashionable and sophisticated at the same time.

In addition, Christine feels that South-East Asia (“SEA”) is a great potential market and that Aly & Rachelle’s clothing is very suitable for South East Asia, because of the fitting and the choice of fabric. As Aly & Rachelle uses mostly silk for their clothing, it is perfect for the hot weather in SEA. Aly & Rachelle dresses are perfect for day wear as well as for after work evening engagements.  For work, you can simply wear Aly & Rachelle’s clothing with a pair of flats and a tote bag. For after work evening drinks and dinner, you just need put on a pair of nice heels, evening makeup and accessorize for a glamorous evening night-out.

Aly & Rachelle hopes to expand and move back to the UK in a few years’ time. Aly & Rachelle are distributed in Singapore and Malaysia by Robe de Princesse LLP (RDP).

You can find their latest collection on RDP’s website at

For all press enquiries on Aly & Rachelle, kindly contact Karen Lee at

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