A Meaningful Present

Mother’s Day has a whole new meaning for me this year because Charles added to my brood. I am the proud mother of 2 boys and that’s an achievement I thought . This more indicative and meaningful thing that happened this year was the new bond that I forged and shared with my own Mom. For many years, I thought she saw me as the black sheep but now I know that she is proud of me in her own way and as a Chinese mother, she just didn’t or show her love that much. Her love for me shows in the way she looks after my children. My mom does the marketing for my house, trains my maids and picks my first son home from Nursery 3 days a week. She will play with my children and give them hugs she had never given my brother or myself.

My mom is not good with technology and she hates it. She has the most basic Nokia mobile handset which you can get at S$45 from any 7-Eleven Convenience Stores or SPC Petrol kiosk. She reads only her work emails at work and replies them with the assistance from her Manager and clerk. Well, you would have never thought this lady and my mom got into Summit Club at her company last year for hitting her sales targets in insurance sales.

To cut it short, my mom merely has the mobile phone so that her clients and we can call her and she can return the calls while on the go. With so many years of insurance sales experience under her belt, it is hard to believe she is a dinosaur when it comes to technology. My mom never smses and she only reads her smses when you send it to her. If you have more urgent and important issues, make sure you call her at home or on her mobile phone, please do not sms her or email her, else you will be wondering why your smses and email are not being replied to. I nearly forgot, she gets my dad to reply her smses for her selectively.

Recently, I bought a new Canon printer and she has been bugging me to print photos of my children for her so that she can show the pictures to her colleagues and friends. I find the method very ancient even though I love print, don’t get me wrong. After Charles’ birth, I printed the one and only picture of the 2 brothers so that I can frame it up and place it on my television cabinet with the other family potraits for decorative purposes. Little did I know, my mom would re-align with my helper to take that one particular photo which I like very much from its frame and put it into her bag, WITHOUT informing me. I came home to an empty frame and when I questioned my helper, she said “Ah Ma took it, Madam.”

Not too long ago, my mom was asking me if she could upgrade her handset to one that has a camera function. I told her I am not sure if she knew how to navigate and the topic ended there and then. Last week, I walked past a Nokia shop. It’s been a long time since I stepped into a Nokia shop.  I was an ardent Nokia fan who got converted by my techie husband to use the Apple handset (and now I cannot live without my Iphone). I talked to a young lady from the Nokia shop and she happened to be the Store Manager. She was well-versed in her product knowledge and immediately recommended me to get my mom a Nokia Asha 300 after I related to her about how uneducated and unfamiliar my mom was with technology. She said that all old people are the same and they like their numbers big on their handset and Nokia Asha 300 has exactly that function. It’s easy to carry because it’s small and the numbers on the handset are big and easy to use for senior citizens whose eyesight are failing them. Furthermore, it has a touch screen function and you can set the menus you want on the start screen. The beautiful part is that the mobile phone comes with a 5 mega-pixel camera, which is just what my mom needed to take pictures with her mobile phone.

The Nokia Asha 300 is also really affordable and costs S$156 or S$159 without contract. Happily, I paid for the phone and the sales assistant set it up for me. I was glad that I bought my mom the handset so that now she could take pictures of her 3 grandchildren (my older brother has a 10-month old daughter) whenever she wanted. I think this is a really meaningful gift because she will be capturing treasured moments with her new mobile handset.

So what if Nokia is falling behind in their smartphone sales to Apple and Samsung. The Finnish Mobile Giant still has ideas and products that work and are meaningful. I am praying that Nokia’s new generation of handsets will capture more market share. They just need another product and marketing Whiz like The Unforgettable and Legendary Steve Jobs. We pray that he is in Heaven and rests in peace.

Nokia Asha 300. Available at all Nokia Stores in Singapore.
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