A Brand New Year & A Brand New You!

A Brand New Year & A Brand New You!

Time to Declutter and Purge Old Outfits

Have you looked actually into your closet bursting with clothes which you might have bought and forgotten or old outfits which no longer suit your new style? Or outfits which do not fit you anymore because you might have lost some weight or gain a few pounds over 2016?

Well, then it’s about time to declutter and rearrange your closet, so what should you do?

Evaluate and Say Your Good-Byes

Pull out everything and go through each and every item in your closet. Be honest with yourself, do you need this piece of clothing or are you simply keeping it for old times’ sake?

Cleanup and Purge Unnecessary items

If you have new items which you do not think you would be wearing again, regift or donate them to the needy. Besides being a good Samaritan, you could also save some much needed space in your closet.

Organize and Set-Up

Do you prefer to arrange your clothes by their colour schemes or do you prefer to arrange your work-attire together and outfits which you wear for casual outings in another segment? Having a system on how you want to arrange your clothes, would definitely help you find what you need a lot faster.

Re-selling your designer labels

If your closet is filled with designer labels, shoes and handbags including event wear, you might want to rent out your designer labels through businesses which exist to help customers rent out their designer labels for a small fee. By renting out your designer outfits, shoes and bags, you could earn some rental fees but ultimately you could save so much space in your closet.

For rental services on event wear, you can contact to rent out your event wear or to rent out your designer handbags.

Event Sales

Another exciting idea would be to hold a garage sale to sell your clothes and make some monies. If your closet is bursting with designer labels, you can get help from a PR and Events company to organize an event sale for you to sell your designer labels.

You can contact should you require a PR and Events company to organize an event sale for you.


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