I Have The Cutest Bub

I think every mother would agree with me that their baby is the cutest in the world and I am no different. I think my kids are the most beautiful kids in the world and no other kids are comparable. Of course, I would still steal glances at babies or kids I think are EXTREMELY cute. Being a proud mother, I brought Caden for his studio shoot when he was 2. It was a fun time which we enjoyed and The StudioPlay photographers were simply great. They had the cutest props for kids and they know how to capture the child’s smile, which was precious.  The pictures turned out great and I was happy with the studio.

When Charles arrived, I wanted to do more and to me, he is just a portrait of CUTENESS (there is no such word  as cuteness in Thesaurus) and no known language could express how proud I was to be his mother. As an avid reader of Mother & Baby and Young Parent’s magazine, I decided to enter Charles for “here’s looking at you, babe!” contest with Mother & Baby Magazine. After entering the contest, I was confident that Charles’ photo would be published (call me I am narcissistic but I don’t care). Sure enough, I got a call from Huggies telling me that Charles has won a bag of Huggies Ultra Diapers and his picture would appear on the May edition of Mother & Baby Magazine. I was so ecstatic and happy after receiving the call from Huggies, I called Mark immediately. He was clearly surprised. Although Mark appeared like the strong man he was, I knew he could not hide his joy and pride that his son’s picture was featured on a magazine. He kept asking me when would the May issue of Mother & Baby be out in stores. I said I have no idea and I think it’s usually third week of April.

So we waited and checked on magazines every time we made a petrol stop. Finally the May issue of Mother & Baby was published. Mark bought a copy and so did I. However, there were not enough copies to go around because my mom wanted one copy too and Mark wanted to bring his copy to the office to show his colleagues. So I had to grab another magazine for my own keepsake. It’s such a happy occasion for my family and my helpers were thrilled as well. I am so proud of Charles and though Caden has never been in a contest due to his small stature, they are both equally cute and handsome. I LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH AND YOU ARE MY MOTIVATION AND MY INSPIRATION IN LIFE.

A Close-Up Shot Of Charles On Mother & Baby Magazine
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