3 Months After Going Under The Knife!

My life is finally getting back to normal. Now I have a flat stomach and a campaign to lose to more dress sizes. However, last week was really bad as I indulged myself in a lot sweet foods, when I should have been drinking soups or having sushi or Subway sandwiches.

Nonetheless, the tummy tuck and inner thigh liposuction changed me. I am beginning to use my Iphone 5 to take pictures and my friends threw me an unforgettable “Happy 30th Birthday” where I happily held up my birthday chocolates and smiled at the digital camera. Before the cosmetic surgeries, I was terrified and averse of taking my pictures.

The cosmetic surgeries not only changed my physique, they also changed my mindset about things. I used to deny cosmetic surgeries. Why do you need to change yourself? Your parents have given you good features so why do you need to change them? If you work hard at the gym and look after your calories, you will definitely lose the amount of weight you want.

The whole idea skipping meals, dieting, being a gym-rat and hating my own physique didn’t work anymore. I couldn’t help myself out of the sorry state. Being a mommy, I should be so happy and elated with my new bundle of joy. I deserve to be happy and gorgeous with my 2 boys. Instead after I had given birth, I lost all my self-confidence and had no answers as to what was happening to my body. The trip to Korea changed everything. Of course, it would be best to leave the Knife to the last but if you run out of all possibilities, change your mindset and try something that you have not tried before to help yourself. Be courageous enough to take the plunge.

We get old and there is no denying that when we age, we sag and that’s the truth. As we age, we have less organized collagen bundles, fewer elastin fibers, and the dermis thins out, which explains the wrinkles on our face.

I am not a supporter of cosmetic surgeries, but if the surgeries help you to correct something you feel totally unthinkable about your body, then I say give cosmetic surgery a shot. I would not say that in a few years’ time, I would not do botox, that’s another possibility but with cosmetic surgeries, though they hurt, they had returned my self-confidence to me. There is really no right or wrong about cosmetic surgeries. It’s an invasive surgery and like all surgeries, it is meant to correct something which you and your plastic surgeon have decided unanimously that it’s a feature which needs be re-sculpted.

Another important thing to note is that a good plastic surgeon will tell you whether you should undertake the surgery or not. He or she will take your health as the most important indicator so as to ensure that you are not doing excessive surgeries which might harm your health and body. You must have a very open conversation with your plastic surgeon if you have issues with your health before you undergo the cosmetic surgeries.

I am only confident to say that my plastic surgeon, Dr Kim Byung Gun of BK Plastic Surgery Hospital assures me and he has given me a lot good advice. He is seriously interested in the field of plastic surgery and has helped many before. I will always go back to him because I know his style and of course, he is a terrific doctor. Always choose a good doctor who understands you and one who can communicate with you. Take your time to choose your doctor. Make sure he understands what you really need and that he or she is concerned about your well-being.

Dressed up for The Australian Nights At The Races
Dressed up for The Australian Nights At The Races
Pictures taken with the Horse Racing Girls at The Turf Club
Pictures taken with the Horse Racing Girls at The Turf Club

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I Finally Went Under The Knife!

Posted on July 26, 2013

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